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My Soul Story

sherrehirschblogI am a professional caretaker. I minister to my four children as a mother, my 5,000 congregants as a rabbi and my global audience as a motivational speaker and author.


Ironically, for many (many) months, I have been working on my new book, Thresholds, which is about guiding people to shift the way they view challenging life events as doorways to better opportunities — rather than seeing them as obstacles.


When I got stuck — whether it was writing another chapter or just from sheer exhaustion of trying to be everything to everybody, it was SoulCycle and David Zint’s class in West Hollywood that helped me get over these tough thresholds to a place where I could see the opportunities in my own life and help others see the blessings in their challenges as well.


I still remember my first time. SoulCycle had just come to town and it was all the talk. I am a spiritual leader and with “soul” in the title, clearly it was necessary “research.” What I did not expect was the warm welcome I received when I walked through the door. (It was clear I was a newbie. I did not have shoes, water or any fab SoulCycle gear.)


But from that moment until I unclipped from the bike, I knew I had found another spiritual home. At first, when my congregants saw me, they were surprised. Rabbis tap it back? But what SoulCycle has is just another setting that reminds all of us that the mind-body-soul connection is not confined to a particular house or setting.


Today SoulCycle is part of my routine. On the days that I am so spent and cannot imagine facing another day of doing it all, I turn to SoulCycle to tap back into my soul and renew my spirit. I hear the words of the (always spirited) David Zint in my head, reminding me I have more in me and that I am not alone. I have my SoulCycle family to fuel and re-energize me. Plus I always get the social bonus of running into old friends and making new ones.


I am continually inspired by SoulCycle’s impact in not only bringing together people with all kinds of spiritual stories, but by also giving them a home in which to share and connect on such a meaningful level.


What kind of exercise do you do to help you get through obstacles? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hope You Enjoy This Short Excerpt from Thresholds…

trust-yourselfEleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The more time and energy we devote to the people and the words that hurt us, the more authority we give them. By continuing to blame our parents, our friends, or our partners, we remain helpless victims. Unconsciously, we hand them the power to dictate how we live. They might have started the negative patterns, but we promulgate them.  

Often when I bring this up, people are confused because they really believe that blaming others will eventually heal them. Except we all know that staying angry with the people who may have hurt us ultimately either turns us into someone we don’t want to be or prevents us from breaking the mold of someone we once were. You could remain angry for a lifetime, or you can begin to let go of your anger and address all the doubts you have about yourself.

I’d Like to Introduce You to Thresholds…

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